Age darkness

Star Wars: Age of Darkness

The good guys did not win at the end of A New Hope. Darth Vader shot down Luke’s X-Wing and he never got to take the shot on the thermal exhaust port with his proton torpedo. The Death Star destroyed the fourth moon of Yavin and everyone on it. The Rebel Alliance was defeated and Emperor Palpatine’s New Order was triumphant.

The Dark Side has gripped the galaxy for ten long years.

This campaign is still very much in the planning stages. The goal is for this campaign to be unlike any other Star Wars game I’ve run before. The main characters from the Star Wars we all know and love are all gone. This solves what has always been an inherent problem with Star Wars campaigns. There was always a canon to be adhered to and the player characters were never truly the main characters of the story, because Luke Skywalker was always around somewhere sticking it to the Empire.

With this campaign concept I’m throwing canon out the window from the start. I know I’m not the first one to do it, but it is the first time I’ve done it and I’ve been running Star Wars games for twenty plus years.

This campaign is set ten years after the Battle of Yavin. I’m going to use a lot of the themes and ideas from the Dark Empire comic series, which is set around the same time period in canon. I’ve always really liked that comic series and what it started, and I think it’ll be cool to develop a ten year timeline of all that has transpired since the Rebellion was defeated.

It is also going to take quite a bit of planning since I am diverging so much from the canon. This wiki should help out quite a bit with that.

Please excuse the mess here as I am just starting and am working as I go.

Star Wars: Age of Darkness